Kardesler Metal employs resistance welder and hard automated and robotic gas metal ARC welders to produce sub-assemblies and fabrications.

We manufacture structures and parts made of carbon steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel and aluminium to client’s specification. Each project is assessed individually and our solutions are adapted accordingly.


Kardesler Metal uses the most trusted name in laser cutting technology, the Bystronic. Laser cutting has become a sought after process of fabricating materials, especially metals, as it offers several benefits over traditional mechanical cutting including

Some of the features of the Bystronic that benefit Kardesler Metal customers:

  • Cost efficient solution
  • Innovative technology
  • Ease of automated operation
  • Wide range of material thickness
  • Variety of materials
  • Single source for hardware
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Low maintenance and upkeep


Our manufacturing facilities are fitted with presses having stamping capabilities from 15 to 250 tons. We have a full range of equipment to fulfill requirements for the simple to the very complex metal components.

At Kardesler Metal Stamping, we provide a complete in toolroom to design, engineer, and manufacture all types of compound, progressive, draw, and prototype tooling to meet your requirements. Our high quality cost-effective tooling keeps production and operation costs down, and we repair and maintain all customer dies at no cost to customer while tooling is in our possession.


Kardesler Metal Kalıp Inc. offers precision brake forming and metal bending services for a wide range of industries. We specialize in sheet metal forming and bending services for air conditioner,electronic enlcosures, telecommunications, and process control instrumentation applications for clients worldwide

Precision press brake forming is used to form and bend sheet metal into V-shaped, U-shaped, and channel-shaped parts. Precision metal bending requires expertise and knowledge of the metal and its properties in order to fabricate a part that will meet requirements and perform as required in the finished product. Our engineering staff can work with you to achieve the most cost effective design for manufacturing and our experienced production staff will manufacture your parts to meet your specific requirements.


Our powder coating process consists of a conveyor belt that transports products through six pre-stage treatments, next through the powder booths (where powder is manually applied), and finally through the curing oven which hardens the powder to an attractive finish. Booths capable of going to fully automated mode with robotics.

Powder coating is an eco-friendly method of painting that requires no solvents and generates little or no hazardous material wastes. The coating is applied as a dry powder, and then cured to a solid, durable coating using heat or ultraviolet light. The end result is an attractive finish that is harder and more durable than conventional paint. Powder Coating can be used to create a wide range of finishes and textures, some of which are impossible to achieve with any other process. Powder coating is typically the finalizing process of part production; however, we also offer contract powder coating for parts or products that are customer supplied.


Toolmaking construction and special machines directly informed by engineering: We work with all common software programs, such as Visi, SolidWorks to ensure seamless communication. Highly qualified design engineers execute the tools step by step and prepare the CAD data which is then directly transferred to the CAM. At Kardesler Metal, all the relevant technical departments are already involved at the design stage so that execution is rapid and fabrication processes are optimal. Because only in this way can all of the product requirements be implemented down to the last detail.

We manufacture and provide mainly:

  • Progressive tools
  • Hand operated tools
  • Milling Parts


We provide custom wire form components for metal and plastic buckets . We develop wire forms and wire baskets for pick and place robotic work cells and assembly lines. Our capabilities include mild and stainless steel from .091" to .625" in diameter. We can accommodate both short and long production runs, and provide both finished and unfinished goods.

With over 10 years in the industry and in-house engineering, tooling & fabrication services, we have the expertise to manufacture even the most challenging custom configurations, including production quality prototypes.