Our customers know what they want their product to do. Kardesler Metal tooling designers work with the customer’s engineering team to advise them on how to incorporate design for manufacturing into a current or proposed product. The tool designers at Kardesler Metal utilize Solidworks. Inventor 2015 to design tooling and the detailed components into 2-D drawings and 3-D models. By employing their knowledge of the stamping process and state of the art design technology, Kardesler Metal engineers can assist the customer to design a component that meets their functional requirements at the best possible value. Kardesler Metal tool designers also use AutoSuite software to do forming analysis such as material thickening and thinning, wrinkle tendency and tearing or splitting under extreme forming.


Somewhere between the initial request for quote and the issuance of a purchase order, many of Kardesler Metal customers request that prototypes be developed. This is a common occurrence, and one that Kardesler Metal is more than equipped to handle. Utilizing our own in-house expertise as well as outside fabricators and craftsmen, Kardesler Metal can provide their customers with prototypes for use in build-ups or initial field trials. There are even situations where low volume tooling can be developed to support early production runs while more dedicated tooling is being built.